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 Adlai is a Hebrew word, it means ornament. Adlai Heroes Foundation is a child and teenager focused non-governmental organization set up for the sole purpose of putting smiles on the faces of underprivileged children, and as well creating a safe haven for the vulnerable children.

We seek to create a platform where we can bridge the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged, the vulnerable and the strong, the haves and the haves not. We want to train the younger generation to grow up to become a better people who are conscious of the feelings of those whose social standards are not up to theirs, and also develop self-esteem of those at the bottom of the social ladder. We want to remind everyone of how unique and special they are to the world.


⚫ To create a better generation of leaders. 

⚫ To serve as a platform where children from various walks of life can come together without looking down on one another. 

⚫ To see that the basic, mental, financial and emotional needs of the vulnerable children and teenagers we come across are being met. 

⚫ To become one of the foremost organizations in the world that adds value to living. 

⚫ To be an organization that is accessible and with the right resources to sort out challenges and difficulties in the society. 

⚫ To groom a better generation of leaders with a great sense of self-esteem and empathy. 

⚫ To see a society where the children and teenagers have grown to become a better generation or leaders and responsible adults who now serve as ornaments that beautify their environment. 

⚫ To positively touch the lives of as many children as we can, to do our best in developing and improving them morally, financially and intellectually 

Some of our yearly programs includes: 

⚫ Pen-up campaign- provision of educational scholarship and basic needs for the less privileged. 

⚫ Spice of kindness- provision of medical support for the vulnerable and underserved children and teenagers in the society.

⚫ Mentorship programs. Talks and seminars for teenagers.

⚫ Luxury parties for the underprivileged ones.

⚫ Visitation to orphanage homes and destitute. 

⚫ Feast of love- provision of food items for destitute.

⚫ Equip and Empower: Empowerment training for teenagers. 

Children are ornaments that beautify the society. Let us take good care of them so that they can in turn make our society a better place – Mibi Ojewale

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